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Experience a true American horror story!


Brinton Lodge is a real haunted house. With a history that dates back over 250 years, it has become home to a number of spirits that roam its hallways, staircases, and 28 rooms. It seems that those who have lived and died within its walls never leave.


The Lodge has been recognized as one of Pennsylvania's 10 most haunted houses, and mediums and psychics have identified at least five ghosts haunting this grand mansion that sits on Route 724 just west of Pottstown.


The event is a walk-through haunted house called "Horror in Free Love Valley," where guests are immersed in the stories of spirits from two different eras. Both stories are loosely based on real historical events, one a Halloween Ball in the 1930s and the other involving the notorious Battle-Axes of Free Love Valley in the 1800s.


The event is unlike any other Halloween attraction in the area. Make believe and modern-day scares are not necessary. You will be immersed in a re-creation of a long-ago, true-life haunting where it is impossible to determine what is real and what is supernatural.


What People Were Saying

"My extended family went through the haunted house this past Saturday, and we all agreed it was the very best haunted house we had ever been through. We loved the tie-ins to the 'actual ghosts' with historic accuracy as well as the unique staging in the rooms and ability to move about the upper floors. The pitch black first floor got your heart rate up and the eeriness of exploring the upper floors was fantastically spooky. We will be back next year and hope for new twists on this unique theme." - Jesika S. 10/15/13


"We had an enjoyable and scary evening last night at the Brinton Lodge! The actors never came out of character, even in the parking lot after the show! All of us had a slightly different story to tell when it was over, which made the evening even

more exciting! Great job!" - Geneva C. 10/14/13


"Outstanding evening at the lodge!" - Philip T. 10/13/13


"This is really awesome people. It is well worth the money." - Debra D. 10/5/13


"Definitely worth every penny." - Jason M. 10/7/13



1808 W. Schuylkill Rd. (Rt. 724) Douglassville, PA 19518

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