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Horror in Free Love Valley: A haunted theatrical experience inside a 300-year-old mansion. Based on a true story.

Experience the strange but true tale of the horror that shocked Free Love Valley! As you move through Brinton Lodge, a 300-year-old mansion full of mysteries, a scandalous and spine-tingling story of sex, religion, lies, and murder will unfold around you. With a curious cast of creepy characters around every turn, you’ll partake in a unique Halloween event that forgoes cheap tricks and ordinary scares to venture into a true story so fantastical it’s almost supernatural.


Where did this true story take place, you ask? Right here, in the quiet valley near the Lodge. In the 1840s, a sex-driven religious cult settled in these rolling hills, calling themselves the Battle-Axes of the Lord. They believed that love was “an enchantment of the devil,” which gave their homestead the name Free Love Valley. Led by a preacher named Theophilus Gates and his faithful disciple Hatty Williamson, the group tormented the country folk by converting husbands and wives to their hedonistic lifestyle and cavorting through the valley in the nude.


But one October night, the fate of the Battle Axes took a turn. Hannah Shenkle, a local woman, was found murdered in her house, her head chopped off with her own axe. Was the murderer a vengeful wife of a Battle Axe convert? The fanatical Hatty? Or maybe the bible-thumping preacher’s wife? The only one who knows for sure is poor Headless Hannah, whose ghost roams Free Love Valley to this day!


Stay tuned for the next incarnation of Horror in Free Love Valley in 2016!



1808 W. Schuylkill Rd. (Rt. 724) Douglassville, PA 19518

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